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Website Conversions Tracking – How To Do It, And Why Is It Important?

Making conversions is not enough, tracking and analysis systems should be set up in place. By using effective tracking mechanisms, you gain valu…

Website conversions tracking is the process of monitoring and measuring the actions that visitors take on your conversion-based website that align with your business goals. It involves tracking specific actions such as purchases, form submissions, downloads, or any other desired outcome. By implementing effective tracking mechanisms, you gain valuable insights into user behavior and can optimize your website and marketing strategies accordingly.

Why Is Website Conversions Tracking Important?

The significance of tracking conversions lies in its ability to provide actionable insights that directly impact business success. Here are the key benefits of tracking conversions:

  • Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

    By tracking conversions attributed to each campaign, you can identify which channels, ads, or keywords are driving the highest conversion rates. This information empowers you to allocate your marketing budget more efficiently, focus on high-performing campaigns, and optimize underperforming ones.

  • Improving User Experience

    Understanding where visitors drop off or face difficulties, gives you a clear indicator of where to make data-driven improvements to enhance the user experience. This might involve optimizing website navigation, simplifying forms, improving page load times, or refining the checkout process. A seamless and user-friendly experience increases the likelihood of conversions.

  • Increasing Return on Investment (ROI)

    Calculating the ROI and determining which initiatives are delivering the best return is a simple process when using an effective tracking system.
    The resulting information is crucial to decide on future resource allocation and budget optimization, ensuring that your investments generate maximum returns and align with your business objectives.

  • Targeted Audience Insights

    Details about the demographics, behaviors, and preferences of your main converting audience are the main basis on which you should draw your future marketing strategies and create more targeted and personalized campaigns that increase the chances of conversions and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Conversion Tracking In The Internet Driven Sales System

Conversion tracking is one important piece of the larger Internet Driven Sales jigsaw. In our system, we firmly believe that a conversion-based website should be monitored and tracked in order to see its performance. How do we do that?

  • Phone tracking

    One of the primary tracking mechanisms we use is phone call tracking, which involves the use of tools like CallRail. This requires assigning a unique phone number specifically for tracking calls generated through marketing efforts. By implementing this separate phone number, businesses can effectively monitor and analyze the calls resulting from their marketing campaigns.

  • Email tracking

    Another essential tracking mechanism is email tracking, specifically for inbound emails related to sales. This involves setting up a separate email address, often, dedicated to tracking and monitoring incoming sales-related emails. By utilizing this dedicated email address, businesses can effectively track and analyze the emails received, enabling them to measure the effectiveness of their sales outreach and identify potential leads or opportunities.

  • Form tracking

    Additionally, form tracking is another crucial aspect of tracking mechanisms, which is typically managed through a CRM program. In this case, our organization relies on a program called Entreport to handle form tracking. This remarkable program enables us to monitor and analyze the data captured through various forms on your website. By leveraging Entreport, you can gain valuable insights into form submissions, evaluate lead generation efforts, and effectively manage customer data for enhanced business operations.

  • Rank reports

    Another important aspect of our tracking efforts is generating rank reports, which provide an objective assessment of your current rankings compared to previous periods. They enable us to monitor changes in your rankings over time, helping you gauge your website’s performance and identify any positive or negative trends. By reviewing these rank reports you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your SEO strategies and improve your website’s visibility and competitiveness.

Bottom line …

Website conversion tracking is crucial for business growth, optimizing marketing campaigns, improving user experience, and increasing ROI. Take action now and see how the Internet-Driven Sales System unlocks your website’s full potential.